Sunday, March 21, 2010

A powerful novel on relationship abuse

Janet Tashjian is best known for her trilogy of satirical books about consumerism with her Larry series (Pick up The Gospel According to Larry right now!). That said, I just finished her novel Fault Line and loved it. Like Patrick Jones' Things Change, Fault Line looks at the life of a girl who falls in love with a guy who seems perfect but as a major jealousy issue. The novel delves into the fact that she does not see it and by alternating viewpoints with the boyfriend, we see the mindset of not only the victim but the perpetrator. The novel uses as a backdrop the fact that are heroin Becky is attempting to be a stand-up comedian, so there is much laughter to balance the dark reality of her life.

In the end, Tashijan does something that many writers don't do, write a book in a completely different style then her other work. The novel is refreshing, comic and real. A great pick for girls in high school, yet maybe even more important for boys.

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