Wednesday, January 6, 2010

During the holidays I read a few new books; today I will mention two. Touching Spirit Bear and its sequel Ghosts of Spirit Bear are two books good for grades 7 and up. The first is a story about a very angry boy Cole who after one too many crimes ends up being sent to live a year in isolation in Alaska. Cole gets mauled by a bear and begins to take responsibility for his actions.

The follow up novel has him returning to his high school where bully becomes victim. Cole must try to keep all he learned from his year in Alaska as his rage begins to surface as he realizes that a year in Alaska is way easier than a couple days in high school.

Both books are written by Ben Mikaelsen.


  1. Those sound interesting! It kind of reminds me of "Alexandria of Africa" by Eric Walters, where a rich teenager opts to volunteer in Africa instead of going to juvie. I read it to my grade 7/8 class and they LOVED it.

  2. Sounds like a great book; Poppy does Spirit Bear in grade 7 and they seem to love it as well.