Monday, January 4, 2010

my first post

This blog will focus on a couple things. Books for teens that I have read and think are good and updates on my plays I am writing.

So up first:
Best teen novel: 13 Reasons Why-Jay Asher
Favourite teen author: Chris Crutcher
Best Canadian teen author: Gordon Korman
Best Canadian teen novel: Skud-Dennis Foon
Best new authors: John Green and Michael Jarmon
Coolest non-fiction writer: Will Ferguson

My play:
Popular high-school senior Robyn is the puppet master, a scheming gossiper who creates rumours to entertain herself and get revenge. Told through the eyes of 12 stereotypical high school seniors we see the life altering impact that gossip has in high school students’ lives. Four separate rumours are spread each with powerful and everlasting consequences. This realistic drama mixes humour with the dark reality that life isn’t always fair and justice is not always served.
(Check out the poster, youtube clips and where you can buy it at

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